Archives of Acoustics, 28, 2, pp. , 2003

The influence of the surface load exerted by a piezoelectric contact sensor on testing results: II. The electrical transients generated by piezoelectric sensor

L. Radziszewski
Kielce University of Technology

The influence of a strong discontinuity wave on its
measurement with a apiezoelectric sensor was analysed analytically. The
one-dimensional model of the mechanical contact between the ultrasonic sensor
and the solid medium was developed. Part I of the paper contained the discussion
of the displacement field in the solid, the analysis of electrical transients
generated by piezoelectric tranducer are given in this paper. The evaluation was
made locally at the front of distortion. It was found that the relative error of
PZT transducer's indication ranges from 26% up to 70%. After a long period of
time (depending on the mass M) the influence of surface loading becomes much
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