Archives of Acoustics, 28, 2, pp. , 2003

Vibroacoustic analysis of a simply supported rectangular plate of a power transformer casing

W. P. Rdzanek
Department of Acoustics, University of Rzeszów

W. M. Zawieska
Department of Noise; Electromagnetic Hazards Central Institute for Labour Protection

This paper deals with some vibroacoustic processes occuring
within the power transformer casing. The acoustic system is modeled by a simply
supported rectangular plate embedded within the planar rigid baffle. The
radiation directivity pattern of the system is specially focused on since it
will be useful for the determination of the eigenfunctions of the system; the
latters are necessary for some further analysis of the total sound power
radiated by the system and the resultant distribution of the sound pressure
radiated as well as for some further investigations on the noise control of the
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